Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Walgreens is a little different than CVS but you can still find good deals here. Their system works by buying an item that gives you Register Rewards or RR's. They print off on a catalina after you buy an item or items that are on the sale ad. Right now you can buy the same Gilette Fusion Gamer razor for 8.99 and get $6 RR's back BUT!!! here is the big BUT!!! You cannot roll them and buy another razor and get the $6 back! Yea thats the not so fun thing.... Which makes it a little harder to shop at Walgreens but you can use their rebate system as well if you dont mind waiting till the end of the month to see your money.

Right now Walgreens has alot of things on their rebates that are free. When you buy Revlon Spa concealer, foundation, or lip creme gloss you get the full amount you paid back! They are all limit one but if you like Revlon's makeup its a great deal. Plus if you have coupons for them they make them money makers! I have only gotten the lip gloss right now and paid 7.99 but will get back 9.99 plus 10% at the end of the month. There are 4 others that are free with rebate that include Zuco throat losenges, Therma care heat wraps 2count, Walgreens contact colution, and Garnier Fructis Wave products. You can add as many reciepts as you want but dont actually send them in until the end of the month because you can only do that once! You can do this online and view the rebate book online as well. You will want to get an account so you can enter reciepts online.

I dont really have much I am doing at Walgreens this week but here is whay I am doing...

I have $12 in RR's from buying 2 razors already so keep that in mind. Im also not really trying to roll these because there isnt really anything that gives me RR's back that I want.

8 Bounty paper towel rolls at .89 with in a coupon (all stores keep these up front and you can flip through it without having to clip this and it will take it off all that you bought so you dont need 8 in ad coupons) 7.12
1 Revlon Spa foundation 9.99
1 pack of Pampers 9.99
Therma care wraps 2.49

use 4 $1 off 2 bounty
$2 off Revlon
$2 off Therma care
$1.50 off Pampers
15% off all item Friends and Family card(this is a 2 day thing that you get from an employee at Walgreens, I got mine from a girl I traded on AFC!!!)

I have to use my 15% off first which works out better for me anyways! :)

after all my coupons 15.75 then my $12 in RR's equals $3.75 oop!

THEN! I get back 9.99 from my foundation and 2.49 for the Thermacare!

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