Thursday, February 5, 2009

Noah likes to MOVE IT MOVE IT! :)

We have realized that what we consider on earth to be normal is not the same thing that God sees as normal. Luke has shown us that there is no normal life but only the miracle of life. So its official if he wasnt moving before he really is now!! He started officially crawling yesterday afternoon! I actually caught some of it on video so if the uploader will ever work I will get that up! He has gotten much better at it today and I am amazed how overnight it was! Conner was like that too though so I shouldnt be too surprised! We were actually at a basketball game for my cheerleaders and he was off in the corner with me and saw a set of keys and just went after them! I was so excited and im sure everyone thought I was yelling for the girls or the basketball team but instead it was for my 7mth old that just started crawling! :)

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