Friday, February 27, 2009

Grocery savings this week!!

So this week we were almost out of chicken that I stocked up last 2 sales at Publix and Kroger for 1.99 a lb, and thankfully it just went back on sale at Kroger this week so it was stock up time! I went to Publix twice and Kroger once and here is what we got for $80 and saved over $200!!!

Gerber Oatmeal
8 packages of chicken breasts
3 lbs of ground turkey
7lbs of ground beef
2 avocados
1 package of mushrooms
24 - 8oz packages of Kraft cheese (yes 24!!! at .91 cents each!!!)
cilantro (won't be buying this much more since I am growing a plant!!!)

YAY!!! This will last well over 3 to 4 mths!
minced garlic
taco sauce

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