Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This is for you AMY!! :)

Ok here you go ways to navigate! After you sign up click on the forums tab, there will be a ton!! The first section is for newbies, crys for help (aka if you need something specific like organic baby food coupons), getting started couponing, how to organize your coupons, etc.

Down below that you have all of your drugstores, grocery stores, super centers, and other stores. Lets say you want to go to CVS click on the CVS forum and you will get a page that looks confusing but is very helpful! The first section is Sticky threads that stay at the top. There is a thread for your good deals, for deals you have questions on, then ADS! They will sticky ads that people have gotten in advance. There are CVS ads up all the way through March right now so that you can go through the ad and pre plan for what deals you will do AND if you dont have a coupon for that you can find one! Like on ebay! Yes people sell coupons on ebay! For example.... I bought 8 $1 off 2 bounty paper towel coupons for $1.50 including tax, $1.50 is what I would pay for a paper so even with paying $1.50 I still got a great deal because I saved over $8 still with the sale plus coupons.

Ok back to the subject! Down below the sticky ads you can still find good deals from other members posting them and you can find alot of other information that will be helpful.

The key to using these sites is dont be afraid to ask questions and post! If you dont ask you will never find out! And when you do ask most of the time there is someone out there reading your question wanting to know the same thing.


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