Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bringing in the new year!

So for my New Years resolution my husband forced me to make one :) so I decided since I've started to save so much money that I needed to start paying things off! My goal this year is to get all our CC's paid off and cut my grocery bill to $250 a month! Yes I know its a hefty goal but like my favorite quote says "Shoot for the heavens because even if you fall short you will be amongst the stars". So even if we dont get everything paid off and cut to $250 at least we have gotten a good chunk of that done. So our first step to this goal was to make limits on gorceries! I have alloted $50 a week on groceries and $5 for Walgreens and $5 for CVS. I dont tend to do Walgreens very often which gives me $5 for more groceries or CVS! :)

So far this year we have saved over $800 which has overloaded my stockpile! We wont need health and beauty products for years! My goal today is to take pictures of the free toilet paper and our closet of beauty products. Thankfully my wonderful husband cleaned out or garage this past weekend and we plan on putting more shelves out there to store more of this food since my pantry is over flowing. Thanks to Purina for great coupons on dog and cat food we are stocked for at least 5mths and Bi-lo for Conners juice!

Ive really enjoyed couponing and its become my quest to find great deals but the past few weeks I got so caught up in all the deals I spent more than I would have liked to. When you get things for pennys it seems great but when you start going to get these items 4 times a week it starts to add up! Plus I tend to run out with my coupons instead of planning like I did when I started so this week was my week to rewind and remember to plan because if I am doing all of this without saving money it doesnt make sense anymore.

Lets see how the rest of the month goes!

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