Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our tax return present

This is the long story of how we came to get a new tv!
So the two tv's that we have downstairs were tv's that my husband won in contests at his previous job. Besides the pay the perks were great! :) So the first one he won was a 32" nice Sony which came in handy when we bought our house 3 years ago. The second was a refurbished 32" and isnt a Sony but I cant think of the brand right now. Anyways it broke a few months ago and came off the stand tumbling down to the ground thankfully missing Conners head and it actually didnt break! Then after nagging the tv still sat on the ground and if anyone else has small children they love to discover new things so of course it was really fun for Conner to push buttons and turn it on himself. So one night while Darien is sitting out there "playing" with him mind you the tv falls over after Conner tried changing the channel which was at the top of the tv. And of course falls on one of the wonderfully spread about blocks that my sister in law got for Christmas. :) The screen was shattered...... Sadly as nice as LCD tv's are they are very exensive to fix. I called and emailed several different tv repair shops and they all said they couldn't fix the screen and if they could it would cost more than a new tv. So we took our partially broken tv and went to throw it away until Darien decided to store it in the garage because he swear he can find someone to fix it although Ive already tried. So a week goes by and we talk about how much he has always wanted a bigger tv and maybe we could look at getting one with part of the tax return money so of course Darien starts researching the best deal out there on a nice tv.

So after all of this we got a really great deal on a 47" Philips LCD tv! And we still have money left over to pay off CC's! This was our belated Christmas, this years bday, and all holidays combined gift! Im still not use to the size and honestly its a little big for me but he loves it!

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