Saturday, June 27, 2009

Noah's Birthday Party!!

So my little monkey had his birthday party today and it went really well! I wish it hadn't been so hot outside but it was still fun! The food was great, the decorations were so cute, everyone had a blast and the most important of all is that Noah had a blast and entertained everyone! :) I hope to have pictures up soon but alas my son has hiddne my card reader and I cannot find it for the life of me! ugh! I think that was the most people we have ever had in our house before! Guess we need friends!

I am still in awe of how amazing our family is and we don't deserve it in the least but I love them and am so blessed to have them! I really enjoyed having it at our house because I had everything in order and didn't forget anything and it was easy clean up! :) All right its off to bed!! :) I promise to get the pictures up soon!!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A few simple recipes

I have totally slacked off on giving you recipes but I just made a few that I thought I would share!!

Grilled Scallops

10 Large Scallops
lemon pepper
1 tbl lemon juice
olive oil

In a small saute pan add a tbl of butter, garlic and chopped shallot and cook until shallot is soft. Then a tbl of lemon juice and wisk together. Pour into a small bowl(you will use this to baste the scallops on the grill. Pat your scallops dry and cover them with olive oil then sprinkle them with the salt, pepper and the lemon pepper. Place them on the grill and baste with your garlic butter sauce. Flip after 3 minutes and baste again. Take them off the gril and serve!! These are really yummy and the slight garlic and lemon flavors are super yummy!!

BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

3 boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 container of your favorite BBQ sauce
hambuger buns

Place your chicken in the bottom of your crock pot them add the whole jar of bbq sauce. Cook on low for 4 to 6 hours then tear up with a fork and serve!!! Seriously thats all!!

Noah's Monkey party!

So this Saturday is Noah's 1st birthday party and his actually birthday was yesterday just FYI :) I decided to make his party decorations instead of buying them all and so far I have only spent $.68 on things that I didn't have but I know that will grow a little because I am running to the craft store today. :) Im hoping that I can show you pictures as soon as possible but my son has hidden the card reader for my camera's card! I got the inspiration from this blog! Im really excited about how it will turn out and a little nervous about the cake but hopefully it will turn out better than I think it will!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wanna Win 5 new Fridgidaire Appliances???

Go here and register then tell them 5 things that you would do with an extra hour!!! I have about 50 but I had to narrow is down to 5 :) If you send to 5 friends you will be entered again AND if you play the daily dare you will be entered one more time each day you take the dare! I cannot tell you how bad I want to win this!! I never really win anything so I am hoping my luck comes in with this one!!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Potty Training Success!!

So when I decided to start potty training I honestly thought it was the scariest thing ever!! And after really going at it for a little over a month we have had success!!! Conner is not telling us when he needs to go and hasn't had an accident in a few weeks!! I am so proud of my growing littel boy! He is sleeping in his big boy bed and now slides off and knocks on the door in the morning which is sooo funny!! Now I need to just teach him how to open the door and go downstairs to watch cartoons!! He is still wearing a pull up at night and during naps just in case but he normally waits till he gets up to go potty. So we have been reusing a few pull ups which has really cut down on diaper costs! Since Noah will be one next week I officially have another year then we will get Noah potty trained and NO MORE DIAPERS!!

Hubs and I have decided that we could possible start trying for another baby next Christmas which means a baby in September of 2011! Man that seems so wierd! But Conner will be 4 and Noah 3 so that makes a pretty good age difference. I have kinda been going through baby and pregnancy withdrawl but thankfully to the Mirena I can't skip a pill! :) Not that I would because honestly even though I maybe going through withdrawl I really DON'T want another baby at the moment. Noahs been walking and its so fun to watch him get so excited with himself!! His birthday party is next Saturday so looks for those pictures Sunday or Monday!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Father's day!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Put this family in your prayers!

Personally I don't know what its like to lose a child and I hope that I never have to but I have had friends lose babies and I personally have lost a grandfather and although I know it doesn't compare I can feel some of the hurt that this family is going through. My aunt Jenny knows a family that is losing their little girl after dealing with cancer for a year now. The doctors have said that she only has a little time left and she is spending that time at home with her family enjoying the small time that she has left. I read this mothers entries in her caringbridge site and think I hope to never have to walk in her shoes BUT if I ever have to I want to live like she is. To know that you are losing your own daughter and there is nothing you can do about it must be the hardest thing a parent has to go through. I look at my boys and think if for a moment I had to worry if they were going to live or die I just may go crazy! Anyways I wanted to share their site with you all and ask you to keep them in your prayers while they go through this time. Also remember to hug your babies a little tighter at night and remember even though you may here whining(as i do now) that at any moment they can be taken from you!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Kids at the pool!

Just a few pictures of the boys at the pool!

Just one of those days!

So I have been waking up recently to Noah screaming because he decides that he wants to wake up at 645am and cry. He won't go back to sleep when I know that ultimatly he is still sleepy but he will literally just scream and scream until I come get him and heaven for bid I pick him up and put him into bed with me because he will just start crying yet again. So yes my morning started off like that yet again this morning and bless Darien who gets up and makes him a bottle while I try and shield my ears for a few more minutes. I laid in bed with him for a little bit then decided I needed to take a shower and about that time Noah decided he wanted to play which he typically does and knocks on the bathroom door to see his daddy getting ready for work. So I hop in the shower and close the curtain and he starts screaming again apparently because he cannot see me. Although opening the curtain and letting him stand at the end of the tub wasn't helping either. Now how do I manage a shower with a screaming child staring at me as if I just broke his heart! After the shower he followed me around as I cleaned up the newly folded clothes and hung them up as well as trying to get myself dressed for the day. Just a side note I just put him down for his nap like 30 min ago and he slept for 15 of the last 30 and is now crying AGAIN! Ok so back to the morning!

Im cleaning up my room and getting the clothes that were in Conners dresser out of my room now in his new dresser that match his new big boy bed! Oh yea he woke up at 845 which is earlier than he normally wakes up just fyi. I get him out of his pjs and he sits on the potty then not 10 minutes later he poops in his pants!! Seriously!! Anyways so I get all the rooms cleaned upstairs and both boys dressed while Noahs getting fussy and Im emailing on my Blackberry a few people about items I was interested in purchasing off At 930 I get the boys in the car and we head to Wachovia to see Darien and so I could get some cash. (ps Noahs still crying!) At 955 I realize Im going to be late meeting the first lady so I run out, yes not making Conner go to the potty which was my fault completely on this next oops. We make it across the dam at 1020 pick up some household items then off to my moms. We get to moms at about 1050 and I ask Conner 4 times if he needs to go potty but he keeps saying NO! Which the mom in me says make him go anyways but for some reason I trust my 2 year old that doesn't know any better which again is totally my fault! I got him some strawberries and put him in a stool and 5 minutes later he pees all over the stool and on the floor which I am furious about because of course he just said NO he didn't have to pee pee! So now Im trying to get Noahs lunch ready and get Conner cleaned up and its not even NOON!!!!!!!

Sometimes I wonder how my mother had 3 of us and didn't have family around! :)

Mambo Giveaway!!!

Thanks to Jenny at for finding this great giveaway for those of you that are creative cookers!!

Mambo Sprouts, a company and website that helps organize savings and coupons for organic products, is having a great contest right now.

They are looking for tasty original recipes featuring natural and organic products. The first place winners in each category will receive gift cards and an assortment of natural and organic products valued at approximately $600. One grand-prize winner will take home $2,500 cash plus products and prizes with a total package value of approximately $4,000!

The contest ends on June 15th and you can enter online .

Here is the link!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Bzzing about Windex new outdoor window cleaning system

Ok so if you haven't seen the link down on the left hand screen for the Bzzagent link then you won't know what I am talking about so here I will explain what it is first! Bzzagent is a site that lets its members try out new products and review them as well as telling others about those new products! The goal is obviously for the manufacturer to get cheap advertising through word of mouth. This is the first site that I have found that I really like and is pretty easy to move up in your BzzAgent position to be able to get better campaigns! Recently I have tried Afrin Pure Sea nasal spray, Glade's new candles that are AMAZING! and currently the Window's All in one Outdoor window cleaner.

I opened the small box excited about trying this out since I hate washing and climbing up ladders to get to the windows in the first place! The kit comes with a long handle that was easy to put together and one pad which says that it will clean up to 20 windows. First you are suppose to wet the windows with a hose which I did and then realized my second story windows were not easily reached so all I could do was the first floor windows. I soaked the windows then went to cleaning! Now the pad is very easy to use but you don't really know if you are actually cleaning them or not or just moving around dirt. It looked like I was getting them though so that was good. It was a pretty hot day so I had to go back and wet a few of the windows that I had already done.

I have to say that overall this isn't what I thought it was and probably not a product that I will buy again. I loved the idea of the product but ultimatly I will be going back to my old trusty paper towel and Windex solution!