Thursday, February 12, 2009

My trip today!

So thanks to Holly reminding me of Krogers 8 hour sale I went to get fruit for Conner and then decided I would make my stop at Walgreens with my 15% off coupon. So I spent $9.33 at Kroger and then Walgreens well thats a different story! They forgot to take off my Bounty in store coupon and then didnt take off one of my $2 razor coupons but since I had both boys with me who needed naps I di realize it until I got in the car. Well let me rephrase that... I did notice because my total was 10.40 and I should have only paid $3 but again both boys and I there was a line behind me.

So here is my picture and the list of what I got!


4 pints of blueberries 99 cents each

1 bag of grapes 99 cents a lb

1 half gallon of OJ 99 cents

10 cans of manwhich $1 a piece

I had .50 cents off 2 coupons for the manwich and then Krogers $3 off when you buy 10 which was awesome!

Anyways total $9.33! saved 71%!


5 Schick 4 packs disposable razors 4.24

8 rolls of Bounty paper towels with in ad coupon .89 (1.18)

1 Revlon Spa foundation 9.99

1 diet dr pepper

1 pack of huggies 9.99

5 $2 MFG for Schick

5 $2 store coupons for Schick (only took off for 4)

$2 off Revlon

Free Diet Dr Pepper coupon (sign up here)

$1.50 Huggies coupon

I used my $12 in register rewards and the 15% family and friends

I paid 10.40 OOP Saved 55.71, plus I will get back $9.99 plus 10% at the end of the month for the Revlon

Oh and just so you dont think Im crazy! We actually needed paper towels and I always run out and theres never a sale when I run out!

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