Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Valentine's week!

LOL from the title you would think that Valentine's is going on all week but in reality I have just been thinking about that day all week. Trying to stay on a budget which isnt too difficult but trying to make the day romantic and fun at the same time is! Ive actually alway shated Valentines because I personally think its just a day to force guys to do something nice for their significant other. When you think about it shouldn't we do things throughout the year to let them know how much we care and love them?? And not just through monitary things but through the simple things! Im not always the best at this but its the thought that counts right? lol sure it is!

For your Valentine's day make it special and unique! I can't tell you my plans as of now since Im sure that Darien will read this at some point before BUT I can tell you that I wont be spending much money and thanks to my mom for taking the boys for the night the quality time alone will probably the best gift!!

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