Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What a crazy weekend! Menu plan is getting pushed back!

So the menu plan got pushed back on Saturday because my uncle Doug and his family came to visit so I made a quick salsa and macaronni and cheese and headed to my moms for the afternoon which was really fun even though Noah was still not feeling 100%. About 7 Darien wasn't feeling well and the boys were getting cranky so we headed home where Darien informed me that he didn't feel good... That was the begining of bad weekend. Darien was up most of the night sick then at 5 I was sick then Noah woke up throwing up then of course Conner woke up at 745 and apparenlty had thrown up a few times and hadn't even woken us up!! Im not sure how to deal with my independant child but thats besides the point... By late Sunday afternoon everyone was feeling better except Noah who hadn't eaten anything and pretty much gagged at the site of a bottle. So by 6 we went to the hopsital since he hadn't eaten anything for about 24 hours at this point. And after 4 hours at the hospital, some meds, 2 oz of pedialyte and 2 cranky parents who hadn't eaten later we were able to go home. Thankfully my mom came and got Conner after 2 hours so he could go home because the poor kid has too much energy for a tiny room with nothing to do!

So of course the menu got delayed yet again since we didnt get home till 11! Noah is still not really eating very well which means we are probably going back to the Dr. tomorrow... So shrimp scampi was last night but it got changed to yummy shrimp and scallop scampi! :) I think Darien gets annoyed with me because he will ask me what I put it in or where i got the recipe for things when most things I just take from my head or find a recipe and change alot of things. Like last night I made the cream sauce from my head and what I felt like I wanted so I just made it and taste tested along the way. So when Darien asks me what it is I really don't have a name for it. :)

So back to the menu! Tonight we are skipping the meatloaf and going to the rice and meat skillet casserole.

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