Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Publix savings!!! and our garden...

Ok so I planned on going to a few stores on Saturday but ended up spending a couple hours in Home Depot then an hour in Lowes so I just went home and worked on the landscaping in our yard which I have to say is looking much better! Ill have to take some pictures soon! I just got a blueberry plant and 2 grape plants and got them planted yesterday. I also bought a few seeds for flowers that I will transplant in about a month. I had a little more room in the garden so I planted some green bean seeds so we will see how that goes. I think we have ants in the garden which makes me a little mad since I really hate hate ants!!! I did however find 2 friendly worms!!! :)

My plan is to get rid of these darn rocks today and start laying out the plan for the front yard then buy some dirt and more mulch as well as a Azaela bush, flowers, and a small Japnese maple if I can find one! Ok now onto my savings!

So yesterday I planned on cooking but we were in the yard so long that the two things I had planned on were crock pot recipes that would have taken too long since it was 730 when I realized we needed to eat. So we moved our normal Sunday eating out for lunch time to Saturday night. Since I was running out to get dinner I thought hey since I got my $10 Publix gift card today I might as well run to Pulix before getting dinner! :) So here is what I got and I would have taken a picture but some of it I put away and some is actually still in the car!

20 cans of Hunts tomatoes (.30 a piece) They were BOGO 1.39 then I used .40 off 2 that doubled to .80

10 bottles of Juicy Juice (.25 a piece) I found 11 really great Juicy Juice coupons and they were also BOGO for 2.74

2 packs of chicken breasts $3 a piece they were on sale for 1.99 a lb

6.99 bottle of wine and Dariens beer for 6.99

The total after coupons 32.31 then I used my $10 gift card which I got from a deal in Feb. that I only paid $5 out of pocket for! :)

So I paid 23.45 out of pocket!! This was a great shopping trip when my savings at the bottom says 56.57!!!! I told hubster that I could have spent alot less if we didnt buy the alcohol! :)

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