Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Sometimes its hard to save money!!

You know somedays I just wish I had millions of dollars to just go travel the world and not have to worry about pinching pennys and budgeting here and there just to save a dollar! LOL Don't get me wrong I would be frugal with my millions and I would definatly still be watching ads and couponing but there are days that I just want to say NO I want to go eat at a nice restaurant and eat whatever I want! :)

We are starting over with our budget and after stocking up on more juice which we go through like water these days EVEN though I water it down for Conner. Darien thinks its his juice so it goes pretty fast. Anyways I forgot the list all of my good deals this week from the slim pickings at Publix but we spent $50. So we have $150 left and since the deals this week STINK!! Yes even Bilo! I swear I wish I could call these people at their corporate offices and say look do you realize this isn't making me want to get out of my house with my 2 boys to shop at your store? Im literally laughing at the Bi-lo ad! Sorry DAD!! If you don't have a Bilo near you let me just say the whole front page is the meat departments HOT sales. Hot?? Really?? Their chicken breasts are on sale for $1.99 a lb but here is the catch.. They put higher weight chicken breasts in the packaging AND just a few weeks ago they had them on sale for $1.79 a lb!!! So how is that hot if every other store has them on sale for $1.99 about every few weeks then on top of that you just had them cheaper not more than a month ago!! Ok sorry Bi-lo I am still a loyal shopper just not this week!

Publix I can't say much more about! Ok Im done with my rant today! :) Hey if you haven't been to BRU and used your $5 off $25 go use it!!

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