Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Favorite Grocery stores!

So on my couponing adventures I had found groceries stores that I love and those that I really just hate... The hates include Food Lion and Kroger most of the time but Food Lion all the time. Food Lion doesn't double coupons, they have a horrible meat and seafood selection and they really don't have good deals that often. The only upside to Food Lion is their coupons that they put out that I can use at Bi-lo and Publix! Kroger changed their internet coupon policy to only 2 coupons per transaction and their employees aren't very nice at all so I don't shop there as often as I use to. The upside of Kroger is they double coupons up to .50, they have pretty good sales like buy 10 items get $5 off or buy 3 items get $3 off. They also have a gas perks program that gives you .10 off per gallon when you spend $100 and thats prior to coupons! Ive paid $40 but prior to coupons it was $110 so I got gas perks!

Publix, man I don't have alot to say against Publix except if you just shop there without coupons they are alot more expensive than most other stores. They have changed their coupon policy which kinda put me off since they didn't post it anywhere and I had to find out about it when I was trying to pay and use my coupons! They always have a really great selection of BOGO's each week and they put out 2 coupons books monthly and seasonly which makes for a pretty great shopping trip! PLUS! They have outstanding customer service! Even when I was seriously angry with them for changing coupon policy without posting it they did everything they could to apologize.

My other favorite thats been coming back is Bi-lo and yes dad Bi-lo! LOL I stopped shopping there because the deals were going downhill and then dealing with their lack of customer service and baggers didnt help the matter BUT I have to say they have been coming around! The past few weeks their ads have been getting alot better and I my closest Bi-lo their cashiers are really nice and though they may not really know all that they should they typically try and figure it out.

Let me just say most grocery stores lately have been doing everything they can to get you into their stores which will mean great deals for those of us that are cutting coupons and watching ads! Plus when something happens that you don't like at a grocery store don't feel like you are complaining if you talk to a manager! How will they fix an issue if they don't know about it. Being a former manager of a small business we don't always know that a toilet is over flowing or an employee sits in the back for 10 minutes while you stand in the store waiting.

Happy couponing!!!

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