Monday, July 12, 2010

Real Or Not Real???

Recently I have been looking at random things online. Yes, its dangerous, I know! I came across a store on Amazon that sells sterling silver jewelery with cubics zirconium that looks REAL! Ok, well it looks real online and so I bought one that looked similar to my wedding band I got for our anniversary last year. It cost me $20 so if it was too good to be true I wasn't out much money. I have worn it for a week now and I feel like there is too much bling on my left hand! Seriously! It LOOKS SO REAL!!

Can you tell which of the wedding bands is real?? I bet you can't!!

This got me to thinking... Why spend $3000 on a real ring? lol Yes, I am really saying that and no I would never know if D had gotten a fake ring although I know it isn't fake and of course I wouldn't request a fake ring over the real thing but when you are a mom of 2 and there is no way I will be able to buy the real thing to match my other wedding band for many many years to come this works perfectly fine!

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