Monday, July 19, 2010

Cooking is my hobby, Eating is my Passion!

There are days, like today, that all I want to do is find delicious recipes and make them all. I have already found several in my aimless wanderings of the blogger universe. All require a trip to the store which I don't really have the money to do at this point in time. We just got back from a weekend in Atlanta that was exhausting but fun and of course the boys need to catch up on sleep and that didn't happen this morning so now add grumpy kids with grumpy mom and not so clean house... Well you get a mommy that uses food and cooking to avoid the mess right in front of my face. So lets avoid all of that and get back to FOOD! Let me just start by listing all of these yummy recipes I have found so far!

Japanese Cream Cheese Cake (looks heavenly!!)
Chocolate Honey Fudge (On my to do list for nap time!)
Chocolate Fudge Tart
Boston Creme Pie
Deviled Eggs (don't ask me why)
Italian Meatball Soup

Ok I will spare you from the rest of my list because I know you are getting hungry just reading the names! Did I mention that I happened to have picked up this new book, its heaven in a small little hard bound book! I am literally drooling on the pages so you may not want to borrow it...

Its times like these that I think, am I pregnant?

Oh yea NO, so not pregnant. I just like to eat!

Later today I will post my adventures in making this fudge!! STAY TUNED!

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