Saturday, June 6, 2009

Put this family in your prayers!

Personally I don't know what its like to lose a child and I hope that I never have to but I have had friends lose babies and I personally have lost a grandfather and although I know it doesn't compare I can feel some of the hurt that this family is going through. My aunt Jenny knows a family that is losing their little girl after dealing with cancer for a year now. The doctors have said that she only has a little time left and she is spending that time at home with her family enjoying the small time that she has left. I read this mothers entries in her caringbridge site and think I hope to never have to walk in her shoes BUT if I ever have to I want to live like she is. To know that you are losing your own daughter and there is nothing you can do about it must be the hardest thing a parent has to go through. I look at my boys and think if for a moment I had to worry if they were going to live or die I just may go crazy! Anyways I wanted to share their site with you all and ask you to keep them in your prayers while they go through this time. Also remember to hug your babies a little tighter at night and remember even though you may here whining(as i do now) that at any moment they can be taken from you!

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