Saturday, June 20, 2009

Potty Training Success!!

So when I decided to start potty training I honestly thought it was the scariest thing ever!! And after really going at it for a little over a month we have had success!!! Conner is not telling us when he needs to go and hasn't had an accident in a few weeks!! I am so proud of my growing littel boy! He is sleeping in his big boy bed and now slides off and knocks on the door in the morning which is sooo funny!! Now I need to just teach him how to open the door and go downstairs to watch cartoons!! He is still wearing a pull up at night and during naps just in case but he normally waits till he gets up to go potty. So we have been reusing a few pull ups which has really cut down on diaper costs! Since Noah will be one next week I officially have another year then we will get Noah potty trained and NO MORE DIAPERS!!

Hubs and I have decided that we could possible start trying for another baby next Christmas which means a baby in September of 2011! Man that seems so wierd! But Conner will be 4 and Noah 3 so that makes a pretty good age difference. I have kinda been going through baby and pregnancy withdrawl but thankfully to the Mirena I can't skip a pill! :) Not that I would because honestly even though I maybe going through withdrawl I really DON'T want another baby at the moment. Noahs been walking and its so fun to watch him get so excited with himself!! His birthday party is next Saturday so looks for those pictures Sunday or Monday!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Father's day!!

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