Monday, June 1, 2009

Bzzing about Windex new outdoor window cleaning system

Ok so if you haven't seen the link down on the left hand screen for the Bzzagent link then you won't know what I am talking about so here I will explain what it is first! Bzzagent is a site that lets its members try out new products and review them as well as telling others about those new products! The goal is obviously for the manufacturer to get cheap advertising through word of mouth. This is the first site that I have found that I really like and is pretty easy to move up in your BzzAgent position to be able to get better campaigns! Recently I have tried Afrin Pure Sea nasal spray, Glade's new candles that are AMAZING! and currently the Window's All in one Outdoor window cleaner.

I opened the small box excited about trying this out since I hate washing and climbing up ladders to get to the windows in the first place! The kit comes with a long handle that was easy to put together and one pad which says that it will clean up to 20 windows. First you are suppose to wet the windows with a hose which I did and then realized my second story windows were not easily reached so all I could do was the first floor windows. I soaked the windows then went to cleaning! Now the pad is very easy to use but you don't really know if you are actually cleaning them or not or just moving around dirt. It looked like I was getting them though so that was good. It was a pretty hot day so I had to go back and wet a few of the windows that I had already done.

I have to say that overall this isn't what I thought it was and probably not a product that I will buy again. I loved the idea of the product but ultimatly I will be going back to my old trusty paper towel and Windex solution!


  1. Did the windows look cleaner?

  2. What makes that room sparkle is the window washing you have done once or twice a week. It’s what illuminates the room and gives the view the extra kick it needs.