Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just one of those days!

So I have been waking up recently to Noah screaming because he decides that he wants to wake up at 645am and cry. He won't go back to sleep when I know that ultimatly he is still sleepy but he will literally just scream and scream until I come get him and heaven for bid I pick him up and put him into bed with me because he will just start crying yet again. So yes my morning started off like that yet again this morning and bless Darien who gets up and makes him a bottle while I try and shield my ears for a few more minutes. I laid in bed with him for a little bit then decided I needed to take a shower and about that time Noah decided he wanted to play which he typically does and knocks on the bathroom door to see his daddy getting ready for work. So I hop in the shower and close the curtain and he starts screaming again apparently because he cannot see me. Although opening the curtain and letting him stand at the end of the tub wasn't helping either. Now how do I manage a shower with a screaming child staring at me as if I just broke his heart! After the shower he followed me around as I cleaned up the newly folded clothes and hung them up as well as trying to get myself dressed for the day. Just a side note I just put him down for his nap like 30 min ago and he slept for 15 of the last 30 and is now crying AGAIN! Ok so back to the morning!

Im cleaning up my room and getting the clothes that were in Conners dresser out of my room now in his new dresser that match his new big boy bed! Oh yea he woke up at 845 which is earlier than he normally wakes up just fyi. I get him out of his pjs and he sits on the potty then not 10 minutes later he poops in his pants!! Seriously!! Anyways so I get all the rooms cleaned upstairs and both boys dressed while Noahs getting fussy and Im emailing on my Blackberry a few people about items I was interested in purchasing off At 930 I get the boys in the car and we head to Wachovia to see Darien and so I could get some cash. (ps Noahs still crying!) At 955 I realize Im going to be late meeting the first lady so I run out, yes not making Conner go to the potty which was my fault completely on this next oops. We make it across the dam at 1020 pick up some household items then off to my moms. We get to moms at about 1050 and I ask Conner 4 times if he needs to go potty but he keeps saying NO! Which the mom in me says make him go anyways but for some reason I trust my 2 year old that doesn't know any better which again is totally my fault! I got him some strawberries and put him in a stool and 5 minutes later he pees all over the stool and on the floor which I am furious about because of course he just said NO he didn't have to pee pee! So now Im trying to get Noahs lunch ready and get Conner cleaned up and its not even NOON!!!!!!!

Sometimes I wonder how my mother had 3 of us and didn't have family around! :)

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