Thursday, May 21, 2009

Been tooo long!

Hello!!! Sorry its been so long! I wish it were easier to get to this from my phone but its not and its hard to get on the computer these days with 2 crazy boys attacking me and the computer! Both boys are now sick which I have to say is really wearing me out. Conner has been sick with a viral infection since Friday and he is still sleeping but I'm hoping when he wakes up he will be feeling a little better. Noah just got it from his big brother and had a pretty high fever yesterday but hopefully it doesn't stick around as long as Conner has had it! The thing about viral infections is that you can't do anything for them except fluids and motrin! Makes me feel really helpless as a mom just watching Conner lay on the couch when he is my active never want to come inside child. We also put potty training on the back burner since he got sick... Not sure what's gonna happen and how he will react when we go back to it when he is feeling better. Noah being sick is the worst because he can't lay on the couch and sleep all day! He just wants mama to hold him which gets exhausting after a few hours of 25lbs of baby! He will be 11mths on Sunday which kills me! I can't believe how fast he is growing up! We had Conners party on the 10th and he was so insane that he just turned 2! Time really does go by faster when you have kids.

Let's see what else is new... Cheerleading tryouts are over and although the middle school had an issue which ill go into later overall they went pretty well and I'm excited about this upcoming year. It should be a good one if everything comes together!

Oh the little girl that I'm watching in about 10 weeks was just born yesterday!!! I'm not sure of details since Haley was pretty tired but she did say SHE IS hERE and beautiful! I'm excited about watching a little girl! I wonder what the boys will think having a little girl in the house!
Ok gotta get Noah! Ill post again later on! I did have some great grocery trips this week that I want to share!!

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