Friday, May 1, 2009

Been awhile and now I can't stop posting!!

My new project!

My latest project is my yard. I have wanted to landscape practically since we moved in since there are hardly any trees and no flowers at all so I tried to add up what it would cost me and set out. I knew I couldn't really budget it into our income so I needed to make some! Currently I am working some at Marble Slab to help out and try to increase my landscaping funds! Most of what I want to do isn't too expensive and Ive been digging out the ground myself which saving money but totally hard work!! What is expensive is that I would love a dwarf Japanese maple but its the most expensive of whats on my list. I decided that I am not backing down on this and if it takes a year or two of my yard looking horrible then so be it! :) I know my mom understands this as we lived in construction for YEARS before her house was finished! Sometimes I wonder why I am putting so much effort into a house that I could possibly only be in for a few years but oh well it ads to our house's worth! :)

I need to take pictures which I will post later on this evening but my back yard now has 2 grape trees, a 4X4 garden with plenty of tomato plants, jalapeno, cucumber, strawberry, and green bean plants! As well as a few planters with another tomato that is quite a bit larger than the others, cilantro, basil, dill, more green beans, peas and babys breath!! I apparently am aquiring a green thumb! :)

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