Wednesday, March 18, 2009

To Potty Train or Not to Potty Train...

Let me just say first off I have never really been a nervous mom or really worried about being a good mom or not BUT when you mention potty training my heart races a little and i start to worry! I mean really in the mommy hand book that NO ONE! gives you when becoming a mommy this should be NUMBER 1!!! on the boy handbook! Seriously who teaches you how to potty train a child and on top of that who in the world knows when they are really ready?? On pretty much everything else you just wait for them to get up the courage and do it. Like walking of course I try to encourage them and crawling the same thing but they wont walk or crawl until they are ready. With food you just start introducing new things and they figure it out but potty training is a whole other realm! You can just say hey here is your potty use it when you are ready. There are pull ups and learning to pull your pants down and sitting down to pee or standing up learning to know when you have to pee and learning to hold it. The list just goes on and on!! Needless to say I am overwhelmed and yes my first step would be to actually go and buy a childs potty but that just makes it even more real!!

Ok courage! We are gonna do it!!! LOL

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