Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Monthly Menu

So I got inspired last month to make a monthly menu but I made it a week into it and lost my master list and although I did make dinner almost every night I still wanted to try again so I didnt' have to plan each week!

1- BBQ Chicken Sandwiches
2- Taco's
3- Honey Dijon Salmon
4- Shrimp Scampi
5- Meat Loaf
6- Cheese Fondu and Apps
7- Meat and Rice Casserole
8- Chicken Devan
9- Wasabiaki Chicken
10- Darien's Parents
11- Traveling
12- Easter!
13- Mom's Bday
14- Brown Sugar Chicken
15- Crock Pot Taco Soup
16- Cream Cheese Chicken
17- Lemon Dill Tillapia
18- Cheeseburger Coup
19- Sweet and Sour Chicken with Mango Lettuce wraps
20- Bama Sandwiches (Philly cheesesteak twist)
21- Steak
22- Spaghetti
23- Enchilada's
24- Hamburgers
25- Chicken and Corn Casserole
26- Country Casserole
27- Sloppy Joes
28- Chicken Lettuce Wraps
29- Beef Stew
30- Taco Pizza

Ill post recipes as I go!

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