Thursday, February 4, 2010

Can I Just Play A Game Today..

It's called "I Wish.." and yes it is just what you think it is! Ok I promised myself I wouldn't use as many exclamation points (by the way I just googled the correct spelling of that, sorry Mrs. Moore.). Ok back to the point! Sorry just had to do that...


So the I wish game... I am sitting here on my couch listening to my kids watch Veggie Tales and sing along or at least try to sing along and I am bored... Yes, bored. I thought about baking but D is on a diet so I probably shouldn't tempt him although he isn't really a fan of the sweets. I need to do a little laundry but I don't really want to. I played with the kids all morning and now they would rather play alone. HAHA tired of mommy time!

So back to playing a game...

I wish... This blog didn't look so sad!

I wish... I could remember to make coffee in the morning

I wish... I remembered to take pictures of everything I cook so I could share it with you guys! (my 5 readers that consist of family)

I wish... I could supress this need for a baby for at least another year or 2.

I wish... I didn't miss being pregnant

I wish... my head would stop hurting right now!

I wish... The Super Bowl was here already!!

Ok I think I am done for the wishing game...

What a sad post this turn out to be! Pathetic I know!

OH well, onto cookies!!

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