Thursday, July 30, 2009

Catching Up!

Here are pictures of Noah's bday party!! And a month in review!

I realized I haven't posted in awhile which makes me kinda sad but so many things have been going on recently it doesn't surprise me. We rarely have a weekend without something going on and with cheerleading coming so much closer I have had alot to get done. This past weekend we went to pick blueberries which I have been excited about since April!! I picked 2 gallons worth while Conner mostly ate all the ones he picked and Darien walked around with Noah who couldn't be put down due to all of the old smashed blueberries on the ground that he surely would have picked up and ate!! So I froze some, the boys are still eating a ton! and I made blueberry jelly out of some!! I think next time I will invest in a strainer the get some of the seeds out but Conner loves his blueberry jelly sandwiches!

I wish I remembered to take pictures of things!! Then you could have seen the mess I made making the stupid jelly! I was doing too many things at once AND neither boys had naps (Noah's story later) so it was a crazy thing to do while dealing with all of that but it still turned out pretty good!

Ok so we went at 12 which was a bad idea in the first place but hubs HAD to eat lunch which was pizza which takes forever to heat up. So its hot and we stayed an hour and I promised Conner that we would stop and get icecream which we did so it was 2:30 by the time we got home. Darien got Noah's diaper changed and put him in his crib. Conner however I knew would sleep way too long so I let him skip his nap. About 45 minutes later I hear him laughing and then crying so I walk up to just lay him back down and as soon as I step in the door I am struck by the smell of poop! Oh and Noah is just grinning so big like HI MOM!!! He has no diaper on and there is poop everywhere!! All in his hands, around his face, ALL OVER the crib!! Seriously I have NO idea how one small child could get so much poop all over the place!! I quickly screamed for Darien and handed him off to him so he could get him in the bath ASAP. I stripped the bed and went to cleaning and quickly realized that he must have touched every inch of that crib with his poopy hands!! Now Conner had a poop accident in his crib before but it was at about 20 mths old and he pooped and peed in the corners of the crib but stayed away from playing in the poop. So this was a new experience and one that I would rather not relive!!

I think thats it for now!

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